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Making a Statement

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes we really want to just make a statement. There are many ways to add lettering and words to quilts, from surface design techniques to quilting or embroidery. Let’s look at a few of them. An option that quickly comes to mind is writing on the… Continue Reading

The Three R’s

No matter what style of quilt you’re making, the three R’s – Repeat, Resize, and Rotate – can help you achieve a more effective design. Repetition can be used to create a visual rhythm to a piece, or help to emphasize a particular design element. Repetition can also assist in creating consistency that helps to… Continue Reading

Consider Curves

The graphic quality of pieced blocks is often the initial draw for new quilters. The piecing lines are ideal starting points for adding quilting, whether it’s in the ditch or echoing the angles created by the geometry of the piece. If you’re ready to branch out a little, or just change things up, consider adding… Continue Reading

Meandering Musings

Back in the day, meandering seemed to be the overall quilting design that all the kids were doing. What’s great about it is that it’s fast, and it’s pretty easy to fill a large space of almost any shape. It’s┬ástill a good design for beginners to help hone their skills, but it can also be… Continue Reading

To Mark, or Not to Mark?

Truth: if I can avoid marking, I do! But there are some occasions when marking saves more time than it takes to do it. Markings are guidelines that work in a variety of situations. The most obvious time to mark is when you want to replicate a specific motif. Bear in mind, though, that in… Continue Reading

Anniversary Contest Part III

Here is the last, but certainly not least, group of entries from our 10th Anniversary Challenge. I think it’s truly remarkable how many different ways folks chose to meet the challenge of referencing the number 10 in some way; over 50 ways in all! I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this last set… Continue Reading

Driving Lessons

The day after Christmas my husband and I drove almost exactly 1400 miles, door to door, to visit my sister-in-law in Fort Worth. One week later I turned around and completed the same journey in reverse with one of my sons who happens to have a learner’s permit. It sounds a bit crazy, and it… Continue Reading

Anniversary Contest, Part II

More fun and festive quilts from our 10th Anniversary Challenge! Thanks so much to all the entrants, we appreciate your creativity, hard work and artistry. Be sure to check back next week for our final group of entries. Continue Reading

Winter Wonders

In the U.S. winter isn’t coming, it’s here! My first instinct in frigid weather is to stay inside and hopefully quilt, preferably something involving riotous color. I try to take pictures of the snow covered landscape but never seem to create something with much visual interest. These artists, however, have managed to create beautiful works… Continue Reading

Happy Anniversary!

Woohoo! We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary year here at MQU. In August 2016 we challenged quilters to make 10″x 10″ quilts of any style to help us celebrate. Each artwork was required to reference the number 10 in some way, have three layers, and the edges needed to be finished. We were blown away by… Continue Reading