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Fusible Appliqué

Appliqué is such an incredibly versatile technique. Quilters of all levels can successfully incorporate it into their work whether they prefer traditional, modern, art, or innovative styles. We’ve frequently featured artists who use fusible appliqué since it’s fast, easy, and precise. In our January/February 2017 issue Jane Zillmer shared some great information on how she uses raw… Continue Reading

It’s Electric!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with hand cutting appliqué shapes or stencils for quilting. Hand cutting designs with scissors (or an Exacto knife) has its benefits, but sometimes you might want more speed or accuracy, especially when cutting multiples of the same shape. Electronic cutters to the rescue!… Continue Reading

Walking Foot Quilting

A walking foot has long been a staple of many quilters’ toolboxes. The beauty of a walking foot is that it helps to feed the fabric evenly through a domestic sewing machine by working in concert with the feed dogs. This makes them extremely useful for accomplishing long rows of stitches to stabilize your quilt sandwich when you… Continue Reading

Piece Out

Stressed out? I sure am! Last week was a real doozy so I grabbed some fat quarters, sliced them up, then started piecing. It’s one of the things that relaxes me the most and yet I haven’t done it in a long while. With no real plan in mind, I just tried to pair a slightly… Continue Reading

Detail Oriented

Our March/April 2017 cover artist, Bethanne Nemesh, is well know for her attention to detail and expert workmanship. Combine that with her beautiful design sense and you end up with a winning combination! In fact, her cover quilt, Into the Westward Sun, has only been exhibited in the last few months and  has already won… Continue Reading

Stitching Ground Foliage

Kit Robinson continues her popular series on landscape quilts in our March/April 2017 issue. It features a variety of lovely quilts including REGENERATION – Halls Gap (Australia) by Linden Lancaster, shown below. Kit found herself in the enviable position of having more quilts to share than would fit in the article, so she wrote a… Continue Reading

Last But Not Least – Labels!

We recently received an email from one of our readers, Vivian Burrus, with a great suggestion. Vivian said “I was recently going through my back issues of MQU and “rediscovered” Maria Elkins great article “Last But Not Least — Label Your Quilt” in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue. With the Quilt Alliance’s Labeling Pledge ( still in fill… Continue Reading

Making a Statement

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes we really want to just make a statement. There are many ways to add lettering and words to quilts, from surface design techniques to quilting or embroidery. Let’s look at a few of them. An option that quickly comes to mind is writing on the… Continue Reading

The Three R’s

No matter what style of quilt you’re making, the three R’s – Repeat, Resize, and Rotate – can help you achieve a more effective design. Repetition can be used to create a visual rhythm to a piece, or help to emphasize a particular design element. Repetition can also assist in creating consistency that helps to… Continue Reading

Consider Curves

The graphic quality of pieced blocks is often the initial draw for new quilters. The piecing lines are ideal starting points for adding quilting, whether it’s in the ditch or echoing the angles created by the geometry of the piece. If you’re ready to branch out a little, or just change things up, consider adding… Continue Reading