A Cut Above Resource list; Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 software; Art Deco quilt design; Free Peacock Sample Design

Here is a resource list from the article A Cut Above!

A Cut Above Resource List


Jeanie Sumerall-Ajero’s latest additions to her Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 software provide even more possibili­ties for creating kaleidoscope designs. The 16 shapes in the Feathers Template Mini-Pack capture the look and feel of popular feather motifs, and the Tiles I Template Mini-Pack includes 20 interlocking shapes that are perfect for creating patterned fabric or paper.

See how to use your own digital images or photographs to create countless beautiful kaleidoscopes using Kaleidoscope Kreator 3. Click here!

Visit Jeanie’s website at www.kaleidoscopecollections.com







Download a FREE PDF  of this fundamental element of the Art Deco design here. Created by Jessica Schick at Digi-Tech

FREE Design from Barbara Hollinger’s Learning Curve article!From the May, 2012 issue –

Peacock Sample Design is available for download here. You can print it out and mark a few placemat-size quilts using your favorite marking method. Load your machine with thread that has enough contrast to the fabric to be easily seen. Take your time and work through the design carefully the first time, focusing on the path to follow, the line of the curves, and the sections that need to be stitched over and back.

Hollinger Peacock

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