Free articles! Feather Finesse and Complex Feathers; Resize and Edit using Inkspace; Linzi Upton’s Yurt panel pattern; Free Maple Breezes quilting pattern! 


If you enjoyed Angela Walters article on Modern Feathers in this issue, perhaps you would like to revisit past articles on feather Quilting:

Diane Rusin Doran shows us Feather Finesse

Judy Woodworth teaches us Complex Feathers:


Jessica Schick  (Digi-Tech Designs) shows us how to Resize, Edit and Print Purchased Patterns Using Inkscape. Here she shares an applique pattern and a border pattern! Click on the images to download.

(Applique pattern)

(Border Pattern)




Linzi Upton’s Yurt panel was a special treat for us!  Linzi offers instructions for making the panel. Click on the photo:


Judy Lyon (Meadowlyon) tells us how to design quilting patterns for Lone Star quilts. Here she gives us a
FREE  Maple Breezes pattern!

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