The Texas Quilt Museum Gallery; Fusibles Resource List and Fuse for Fun! 

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FUSIBLE RESOURCE LIST – click here for a list of the websites.

Wrap N Fuse coasters
Wrap N Fuse coasters

Fuse for Fun
There are several other fusible products available with specific functions.
Manufactured by Clover Needlework are: Wrap ‘n Fuse Piping, available in
two sizes (3⁄16″ and 12⁄32″), takes the angst out of creating your own piping for
bindings and trims—simply wrap the fabric, fuse and stitch. If you have
trouble making even binding, Fuse ‘n Bind solves that issue—just press
and fold on the perforated lines for a perfect ½” width. Making sturdy tote
straps can be a challenge, but Create-a-Strap makes it easy. The 1½” or
5⁄8″ widths are perfect for large or small bag straps—just fuse and fold; the
perforations make it foolproof. Fuse ‘n Gather takes the fear out of broken
gathering threads. Simply fuse the tape in place and pull the strings. 

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