Tips on Stitching with Metallic Threads  – Nov/Dec 2014

Tips on Stitching with Metallic Threads by Linda Turner Griepentrog

Machine Quilting Nov 14 Web Extra - Threads

Machines respond differently to metallic threads, and some adjustments may be needed to accommodate the challenge. Follow these tips and practice before committing to your project:

❖❖  Use a metallic or topstitching needle, size 90/14 or larger, depending on the thread. The large eye helps to reduce abrasion on the thread and prevent breaking and shredding.

❖❖   Stitch more slowly than with other threads.

❖❖   Lower the top tension to reduce stress on the more fragile metallics.

❖❖ Probably most important, use some type of thread delivery system to hold the spool or cone in a vertical position. Sitting behind or to the side of the machine, these thread holders allow more room for the thread to unwind and unkink itself before it gets to the needle.

❖❖   Using a thread net can help to keep the metallic thread from twisting and getting tangled.

❖❖  If you are using metallic thread on a longarm machine, consult your dealer for any threading and tension modifications needed for smooth running. Some manufacturers recommend leaving the thread out of some of the thread guides to reduce stress (on the thread).

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