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sue reno coverSeptember/October 2015 cover girl Sue Reno’s deep interest in nature is evident in so much of her work. Her fascination with the flora, fauna, and geography of her native Pennsylvania has led her to truly explore her surroundings. She’s currently working on a year long, self directed project entitled 52 Ways to Look at the River. In Sue’s own words: “Every week I travel to a locale along the Susquehanna River and take a picture. That image provides the inspiration for a fiber art panel. The panels are 6″ x 12″, and are mainly needlefelted with wool and silk, with added detailing by stitch and applique (no fusing).” She’s still working on the final presentation of the completed pieces.


Here’s a peek at her first 32 pieces:


sue weeks 1 to 32
©Sue Reno, weeks 1 – 32 of 52 Ways to Look at the River

So what has she learned so far?

“*The focus and discipline required to stay on track is considerable, but very worthwhile.
*My skills in this format are increasing exponentially.
*The unplanned progression from abstract to detailed representation continues unabated.
*I am grateful for a deep and wide stash of fabric and materials that I can pull from as needed.
*My initial goal of spending 90 minutes fabricating each panel has gone out the window: my average time now is 3 hours.
*The interest and support shown for the project is very gratifying, and helps to keep me on track.  Thank you!.”

As you can see from the three pieces below, the view of the river varies considerably depending on your vantage point.

sue week 33
©2016 Sue Reno, Week 33 of 52 Ways to Look at the River
sue week 35
©2016 Sue Reno, Week 35 of 52 Ways to Look at the River
sue week 38
©2016 Sue Reno, Week 38 of 52 Ways to Look at the River


You can follow her progress on this fascinating project on her blog, http://suereno.blogspot.com/.

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