ArtQuilt Elements Part II

There were so many amazing quilts at ArtQuilt Elements that I couldn’t stop with just one post. Here are a few more lovelies:

diane siebels head 10
©Diane Siebels Head 10
diane siebels head 10 detail
©Diane Siebels Head 10 (Detail)

Diane Siebels was awarded Best of Show, and no wonder. This is a quilt that really needs to be seen in person, the hand stitching is mind boggling. I wish I had been able to take a considerable amount more time to look at it in order to take it all in.

dorothy raymond tree trunks
©Dorothy Raymond Tree Trunks
dorothy raymond tree trunks detail 2
©Dorothy Raymond Tree Trunks (Detail)

Dorothy Raymond did a lovely job with her interpretation of tree trunks. The leaves seem to nearly flutter.

margaret black color wedge exclamation mark
©Margaret Black Color Wedge!
margaret black color wedge detail
©Margaret Black Color Wedge! (Detail)

This is part of a series exploring the exclamation mark. In her artist’s statement Margaret says “Although the point is not evident in this work, the lines and cut shapes are the wedges of the exclamation.” I think her use of color here is just wonderful.

niraja lorenz
©Niraja Lorenz Strange Attractor #3 – Riverway
niraja lorenz detail
©Niraja Lorenz Strange Attractor #3 – Riverway (Detail)

This is another piece that was simply amazing. It’s all pieced, those are not striped fabrics. Love it!

cindy friedman kgale hill shadows
©Cindy Friedman Kgale Hill Shadows
cindy friedman detail
©Cindy Friedman Kgale Hill Shadows (Detail)

Cindy Friedman’s use of transparency is so effective in this piece. She’s obviously mastered the use of sheer fabrics.

cher cartwright chutes & ladders 2
©Cher Cartwright Chutes & Ladders 2
cher cartwright detail
©Cher Cartwright Chutes & Ladders 2 (Detail)

This is such a joyful quilt, both in Cher’s use of color and design. Varying the angle of the ladders produced quite a strong composition.

I highly recommend going to see this exhibit in person if you can. It’s at the Wayne Art Center and is ongoing until April 30. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by it!

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