Domestic Machine Ruler Work

I know I’ve enviously gazed at precise long arm ruler work and wished I could accomplish it on my domestic, sit down machine. Luckily, Patsy Thompson shows us how it’s done in an upcoming three part series beginning with our July/August issue of MQU!

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Patsy Thompson

Patsy has been quilting for nearly 40 years and is more passionate about it now than she has ever been. Known best for her work as a sit-down free motion quilter, she has written two books, Feather Adventures! and Hyperquilting, and published 10 instructional DVDs about free motion quilting. Innovative feather designs and hyperquilting are her specialty and she has been focusing on ruler work as a sit-down quilter and machine embroidery appliqué using an embroidery machine in the past few years. You can check out what she’s up to on her blog at and follow her series of video tutorials on

Some of Patsy’s amazing feathers.

In her three part series on ruler work for the home sewing machine , Patsy shares the essential tools you need to get started, as well as thorough explanations of things such as which foot will work for your machine, what’s the difference between various rulers, how to combine ruler work with free motion quilting, and much more!

©Patsy Thompson
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©Patsy Thompson
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©Patsy Thompson

Please note: if you’d like to receive the entire three part series, be sure to get a subscription before June 10, 2016 so that the July/August issue will be included in your subscription.

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  1. Thanks Patty, Patsy does such beautiful work, doesn’t she? I’m very excited to say that I just got a ruler foot for my domestic machine yesterday and I can’t wait to try out some of Patsy’s techniques myself.

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