Beach Reading

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it’s summer! Summer = Beach for many of us, so how about some summer reading suggestions? No, not chick lit, but two of my favorite quilting books.

First up:

Quilter’s Handy Guide to Supplies & More by Dawn Cameron-Dick (C&T Publishing; 127 pages). I reviewed this book in the March/April 2014 issue of MQU, and I’ll never forget it. I said

“How I wish there had been a resource like this when I first began quilting! Dawn’s guide provides excellent details on needles, threads, machines, batting, fabric and more. From choosing the right needle for the job to how to store a quilt, she covers a wide range of technical information that any quilter will find useful.” And I meant it. If there’s a new quilter in your life, this would be a great book to give them as a gift, and, of course, you might want a copy too.

quilter's handy guide to supplies & more cover


If You Can Feather You Can Freehand!  Bethanne Nemesh (White Arbor Quilting; 47 pages)
In this book Bethanne shares tips and techniques for advancing your quilting from making feathers to creating an astounding array of motifs. She leads the reader from basic feathering through swirls, stems, leaves, berries, birds, flowers, and more. Numerous illustrations are included to spark your creativity in combining various design elements. Of particular note are her directions for the most efficient stitching order for a variety of situations. I think this is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to branch out and create beautiful and creative feathers.

If You Can Feather You Can Freehand

What are some of your favorite quilting books?

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