Challenging Quilts

Haven’t we all seen quilts that were uniquely wonderful, yet begged the question “How did the quilter make that?!” We often feature such challenging quilts in MQU, and enjoy learning how they were made right along with our readers.

In our March/April 2015 issue Lea McComas shared the challenges she faced in transforming an old photo into an amazing work of art. She had to change the composition, the context, and select a daunting array of fabric to bring her vision to life. And look at the result!

lea mcomas bike boys march april 2015
Bike Boys ©Lea McComas


Patsy Heacox challenges herself to research her subject matter thoroughly, and accurately combine design elements and symbolism that genuinely reflect the history of her subject. In the May/June 2015 issue she led us through the design and construction of her remarkable quilt It Was a Beautiful Dream.

It Was A Beautiful Dream by Patsy Heacox MayJune 2015
Patsy thread painting Black Elk on It Was a Beautiful Dream


It was a Beautiful Dream
It Was a Beautiful Dream ©Patsy Heacox

Christine Alexiou revealed the complex and detailed journey she traveled to create her beautiful (and technically amazing) The Seven Deadly Sins in our January/February 2015 issue. I’m fairly certain that if you’ve ever seen this work in person, you’ll never forget it! It’s her rendition of an illuminated manuscript, in actual book form.

The Seven Deadly Sins, detail, ©Christine Alexiou
The Seven Deadly Sins, detail, ©Christine Alexiou

I’m eager to see the creative and ingenious ways our future challenging quilts are made!


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