Feather Mania

I understand that there are some quilters who are not fans of feathers. However, for those of us who are, we just can’t get enough! In that vein, today I’m sharing a small sample of some of the feathered quilting we’ve had in MQU over the years.

photo 1a Margaret feathered designs for wider borders march april 2016
Detail of Sample ©Margaret Solomon Gunn, from Feathered Designs for Wider Borders, March/April 2016
Lorilynn King, "A Pocket Full of Paisleys"
©Lorilynn King, Detail from A Pocket Full of Paisleys November/December 2013
Detail of sample ©Diane Rusin Doran


Photo 10 (MQU_Quilted Curvy Feather Plumes) wendy sheppard march 2013
©Wendy Sheppard from Quilted Curvy Feather Plumes MQU March/April 2013
Margaret Pastel Feathers september oct 2014
©Margaret Solomon Gunn Pastel Feathers from MQU September/October 2014
©Diane Rusin Doran sample from Feather Finesse MQU September/October 2010

Feathers, whether simple or fancy, as stars of the show, borders, or overall designs, are endlessly versatile. And, the best part is that quilters keep coming up with new variations!

Long time subscribers know that we periodically have articles about feathers, and a little bird told me that some time later this year we’ll be having another. In the meantime, we do have two feather articles in our WebExtras section. Here are the direct links:

Complex Feathers by Judy Woodworth

Feather Finesse by Diane Rusin Doran

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