Summer Fun

Summer time and the living is easy. Don’t we all have some beautiful summer memories? I’ve been blessed to spend time with two darling babies at the beach this summer. Watching them play in the sand and splash in the water brought to mind one of my favorite quilt collections, Childhood Moments from our March/April 2015 issue. Today I’d like to share a few of the quilts with you.

Phyllis Cullen created this lovely depiction of two of her granddaughters inspecting an interesting creature at the beach.

Phyllis Cullen_Discovery full for blog
Discovery ©2014 Phyllis Cullen

I love this piece by Margot McDonnell. Can you believe that it was inspired by a 4 x 6 inch black and white snapshot purchased on eBay?

Moody Beach Large Margot for blog
Moody Beach, Maine, 1957 ©2014 Margot McDonnell
Moody Beach detail 2 small
Detail Moody Beach, Maine, 1957 ©2014 Margot McDonnell

Growing up, one of the chores for the girls next door was to help hang the laundry on a pole similar to the one shown in Jenny Bowker’s Hoisted. In Jenny’s words “Hoisted was created based on a photograph by Marc McCormack and was made for the exhibit Under the Southern Sky. The Hills Hoist is a standard in Australian back yards. Summer in our part of Australia is hot. Grass dries to golden, and the air shimmers with heat, often lasting into the night. I wanted to achieve that feeling – heat and shimmer, and the glee as kids whirl on the line.” Jenny certainly succeeded in achieving that feeling and I only wish that we had tried whirling on the neighbor’s line!

jenny bowker hoisted small
Hoisted ©2012 Jenny Bowker

Finally, I’m simply charmed by the children in Joan Sowada’s Busy. Joan truly captured the total concentration seen in children everywhere when they play in the sand.

Busy Joan Sowada full small
Busy ©2012 Joan Sowada

I hope that you are creating magical summer memories too. Maybe they’ll end up in a quilt!


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