A Quilted Garden

What’s one of the best things about summer? Flowers! It’s no surprise that they’ve been the subject of all types of arts including quilting.

Here’s a selection of gorgeous flower themed quilts from a collection in our July/August 2013 issue of the magazine. Just like flowers themselves, each of these works is uniquely beautiful. Enjoy!

Bernardine Hine Coreopsis machine quilting unlimited
Coreopsis ©Bernardine Hine
Bernardine Hine Coreopsis Close Up machine quilting unlimited
Detail Coreopsis ©Bernardine Hine
Columbine and Ferns_Annette Kennedy machine quilting unlimited
Columbine and Ferns ©Annette Kennedy
Columbine and Ferns_Detail_Annette Kennedy machine quilting unlimited
Detail Columbine and Ferns ©Annette Kennedy
Linda Andeberg - Reiman's Angel Trumpets machine quilting unlimited
Reiman’s Angel Trumpets ©Linda Andeberg
pat rollie Begonias at Butchart Gardens Machine Quilting Unlimited
Begonias at Butchart Gardens ©Pat Rollie
Judy Leslie Purple Hellebore machine quilting unlimited
Purple Hellebore ©Judy Leslie
Judy leslie detail Purple Hellebore machine quilting unlimited
Detail Purple Hellebore ©Judy Leslie
Hollyhocks Melinda Bula Machine Quilting unlimited
Hollyhocks ©Melinda Bula
Hollyhocks closeup 2 fMelinda Bula machine quilting unlimited
Detail Hollyhocks ©Melinda Bula

We have a collection of quilts in every issue, so if you like what you see be sure and check out the magazine. Happy quilting!

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