It’s So Hot …

I’m fixing to dye. Or at least that’s what I’d like to be doing! Did you know that folks who hand dye fabric love hot weather because it does, indeed, help to fix the dye? Since the dyeing process is a chemical reaction, heat is one of the components that impacts the look of the finished product. Hotter temperatures can aid in producing more vibrant colors when fabric dyeing.

That said, some artists take advantage of the melting properties of ice to produce amazing designs on cloth. In our latest issue of the magazine (September/October 2016) Patricia Caldwell shares her approach to quilting ice dyed fabric to create gorgeous whole cloth quilts. Patricia uses fabric dyed by Vicki Welsh  and the results are spectacular. Here’s a sneak peek at some of her work.

#1 Let The Sun Shine Patricia Caldwell Machine Quilting Unlimited
Let the Sun Shine ©Patricia Caldwell
Detail Expansion Patricia Caldwell Machine Quilting Unlimited
Detail Expansion ©Patricia Caldwell
Detail Medicine Leaves Patricia Caldwell Machine Quilting Unlimited
Detail Medicine Leaves ©Patricia Caldwell

I love that Patricia shares lots of information about whole cloth quilting that would be helpful no matter what style whole cloth you’re making. Be sure to check out our latest issue to see more of Patricia’s artistic stitching!



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