Show Quilts

When school starts it seems like quilt show season also gets in gear. Many of us have admired the amazing quilts we’ve seen at a variety of shows. Have you ever wondered what goes in to making these beauties, like Best of Show winner Arandano by Marilyn Badger?

©Marilyn Badger Arandano Machine Quilting Unlimited
Arandano ©Marilyn Badger
Marilyn Badger Arandano detail Machine Quilting Unlimited
Detail Arandano ©Marilyn Badger

How about the lifelike blossoms that Andrea Brokenshire creates?

Beauty Is In The Blues, Andrea Brokenshire
Beauty Is In The Blues ©Andrea Brokenshire

Our own Margaret Solomon Gunn, who’s won countless awards, shares tips for creating competitive show quilts in our latest issue (September/October 2016).

Ode to Spring, Margaret Solomon Gunn
Ode to Spring ©Margaret Solomon Gunn
Margaret Solomon Gunn Ode to Spring Detail
Detail Ode to Spring ©Margaret Solomon Gunn

She covers color balance, the “Wow” factor, craftsmanship, design, as well in-depth info about the stitching itself. Even if you never plan to create a show quilt yourself, Margaret’s tips are a great way to improve your skills on any type of quilt you make. Intrigued? Then don’t miss our latest issue of MQU!


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