Stained Glass Quilting

I happened to stop by my sister’s house this weekend, and as always was interested to see what she’s up to artistically. Karin is talented in a variety of media, but perhaps her favorite is glass. She’s currently working on a mosaic that is a commission for her church, St. Mary’s of Piscataway, Maryland.

Detail of glass mosaic copyright Karin Rusin Thomas
Detail of glass mosaic ©Karin Rusin Thomas
Karin Rusin Thomas studio
My sister’s (Karin Rusin Thomas) inspiration boards for her current project

As I admired Karin’s work I thought about by how quilt artists interpret a variety of media using fabric. Karin carefully selects and cuts her glass to achieve just the right color, line and texture for each aspect of her compositions. Sound like any quilters you know if you substitute “fabric” for “glass”?

Glass sorted to be used in mosaic Karin Rusin Thomas
Karin carefully cuts and sorts her glass to create what she envisions

Well known quilter Phyllis Cullen certainly does this in her work. She emulates stained glass by using a variety of clever techniques. In our November/December 2014 issue she shared how she creates beautiful quilts in this style.

Pelican Express Phyllis Cullen Machine Quilting Unlimited
Pelican Express ©Phyllis Cullen, Based on Pelicans Firescreen © 2003 Paned Expressions Studios

I love the glow that Phyllis achieved through her fabric selection, as well as the detailed quilting that creates such wonderful texture.

Phyllis Cullen Machine Quilting Unlimited
Detail Pelican Express ©Phyllis Cullen
Pelican Express back Phyllis Cullen Machine Quilting Unlimited
Back of Pelican Express ©Phyllis Cullen

Intrigued? Check out our November/December 2014 issue to see how Phyllis achieves such a beautiful result.

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  1. Glad it hear it Patricia! Did you make a stained glass quilt after reading it? We’d love to see it if you did.

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