Gifts for Quilters

My sons and husband all have birthdays around now (three of them are within a 2 week span) so I can’t help but think about gifts this time of year. Sometimes our non-quilting friends and family want to get us quilting related gifts, but alas, they really have no idea what might be appropriate. Here are a few ideas that might help them out.

Scissors, can we ever have too many? From scissors that are for paper, serrated scissors, pinking shears, duck billed appliqué , or delicate scissors meant for snipping thread tails, scissors are almost always a welcome gift. As quilters we really do need different scissors for different tasks, and it’s important to have good quality cutting equipment to make the job easier.

Shears for cutting yardage, midsize scissors for trimming, speciality scissors for trimming embroidery threads and appliqués.
Smaller scissors and snips for trimming threads and very fine grading.

Thread collections. Who can resist a bundle of brightly colored threads? Nearly every thread manufacturer has a variety of beautifully boxed selections that will please many a quilter.

One of the many thread collections offered by Aurifil.

Pincushions. OK, no cute pincushion photos here, but if you go to Pinterest you’ll find hundreds either to buy or make. What I do have for you is a little tutorial on making an easy and inexpensive magnetic pin holder that you could give as a gift to your quilting friends. Ready?

Gather your supplies: A mason jar or canning lid (I only had the two piece kind used for jam making), glue, a heavy duty magnet, something decorative to put in your lid.

CAUTION: ANYTHING WITH STRONG MAGNETS SHOULD *NOT* BE USED CLOSE TO ELECTRONICS, INCLUDING SEWING MACHINES OR PHONES. I keep my pin holder on a small table next to my machine, but several feet away from it.

Supplies to make an easy magnetic pin holder. The four embossed disks are craft metal and recycled soda cans that have been cut to size and dry embossed. You only need one disk per pin holder.

You can use anything to decorate the lid, I chose to emboss some aluminum and craft metal disks with a Cuttlebug and embossing folders. Try fabric, photos, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Glue the magnet to the underside of the lid. It will stick to the lid without glue, but may slide around the lid or stick more to something else, so it’s better to glue it.


Since I have a two piece lid, I next glued a decorative disk to the other side of the flat part of the lid. Now, for the dramatic final step … I glued the flat part of the lid into the part that screws on.


Tada!! Fast, easy, inexpensive, and cute.



Here’s one of the lids posing with the scissors.


And a glamour shot.


And, last but certainly not least, a subscription to a quilting magazine is another great option that is sure to please a quilter.

What is your favorite gift to receive as a quilter, and what gifts do you like to give your quilting friends?

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