PNQE 2016 – Beauty in the Details

Last Saturday I trekked up I-95 to attend the 2016 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. I was truly wowed by the number and variety of quilts there. Several special exhibits were shown, as well as the PNQE contest and international quilts and winners from the World Quilt Competition. Here’s a peek at some of the exquisite details that really jumped out at me.

The center of the Clematis on Purple Trellis by Ruth Case is very effective and has lots of texture.

Purple Trellis (Detail)  ©Ruth Case

Jo Timko’s Bountiful is lovely at a distance, but close up it’s even more amazing.

Bountiful © Jo Timko

The quilting complements the wool appliqué , while the hand stitching adds important definition.

Detail, Bountiful © Jo Timko

To say I was charmed by Gillian Travis’ Scandinavian Jumpers is an understatement.

Scandinavian Jumpers ©Gillian Travis

Look at her clever use of decorative stitches, and I love those colors!

Detail, Scandinavian Jumpers ©Gillian Travis

Jennifer Wheatley Wolf takes innovative use of fabric to another dimension with her Geisha in the Snow.

Detail Geisha in the Snow ©Jennifer Wheatley Wolf

To incorporate such a challenging mix of materials into a design, especially the faux fur, is a technical and artistic feat.

Detail Geisha in the Snow ©Jennifer Wheatley Wolf

Razzmatazz by Becky Weiland is a classic four block design.

Razzmatazz ©Becky Weiland

A closer look reveals the skillfully accomplished reverse appliqué and playful quilting.

Detail, Razzmatazz ©Becky Weiland

And here is perhaps my favorite detail, the stitching on the tree in My Tree With Crows by Claudia Scheja.

Detail, My Tree With Crows ©Claudia Scheja

Claudia’s use of a variety of thread colors adds wonderful dimension to this piece.

Detail, My Tree With Crows ©Claudia Scheja

Stay tuned for more quilts from PNQE next time!

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  1. You’re very welcome Jennifer! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how you constructed it. Congratulations on your well deserved award.

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