Thread Tales

Ever wonder how thread is manufactured? Then be sure to catch one of Alex Veronelli’s lectures on how his company, Aurifil, makes thread.

Alex Veronelli of Aurifil Thread

Alex is currently touring quilt shops in the Delaware and Maryland area. I attended his talk at a wonderful local shop,  Spring Water Designs in Columbia, MD. I didn’t know what to expect from his lecture, but it was fascinating. He showed a video of the thread manufacturing process, most of which is extremely automated. Alex narrated the video as he showed it, answering questions in real time. Having dyed quite a bit of fabric, I found the attention to detail related to color matching quite remarkable. There are far more steps involved in thread manufacturing than I ever imagined, and the machines involved are truly amazing.

After the video Alex shared numerous examples stitched using various thread weights.

alex with samples
Alex sharing samples quilted in various thread weights for easy comparison.

He passed around nearly all of the samples so that we could get a good look at them.

sample with varying thread weights
A sample stitched using four different thread weights to demonstrate the visual impact of each relative to the other.

Alex also brought quilts and samples made by Aurifil designers. His company partners with numerous designers who create thread collections that coordinate with their designs. There were several stunning examples made by Sarah Vedeler.

sarah vedeler
Star embroidery and appliqué design by Sarah Vedeler

I was also quite taken by Maureen Cracknell’s lovely work.

maureen cracknell
Sample by Maureen Cracknell

All in all a great, and very educational, way to spend some time at a lovely quilt shop!

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