Go For It

Our motto is “Inspiration and instruction for ALL machine quilters!”. I love this, and it is genuinely what we try to bring to you in every issue. It’s so inspiring to see quilters of all skill levels trying new things and creating what appeals to them, and that’s just what I got to do a few days ago.

This weekend I had a wonderful time teaching at the fall educational retreat for Faithful Circle Quilters of Columbia, Maryland. As I mentioned in my last post, one of the classes on the agenda was on asymmetrical Mariners Compasses. Each student drafted, and then pieced, her own unique compass. Look at these amazing results!

christmas-star deborah jeanette kathy maria mrs-bishop ruthie sandy stephanie

Somehow I missed photographing a few more, but every student put her own spin on this classic pattern. I was so impressed by how hard they all worked on their projects, as well as how willing they were to jump in and modify the design to create something that they can call their own. One intrepid quilter had never pieced anything beyond a four patch before, but eagerly met the challenge and completely finished hers. I know that some of them have no desire to ever make another Mariners Compass, but one student finished her first star and promptly started on another.What a joy to share this experience with them!

Whatever your skill level, we hope that you find something of interest in every issue of MQU. Next time you open an issue, how about challenging yourself to try a new technique you find there?


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