Houston Quilt Festival 2016 – Part Two

Here are a few more of the amazing quilts shown at the Houston International Quilt Festival this year. Once again the details are truly inspirational.

Happy and Grateful by Mary Zahner. Based on a photo taken in a bamboo forest in Japan, Mary appliquéd over a thousand leaves on this piece! The thread painting on the bamboo is wonderful.

Happy and Grateful ©Mary Zahner
Happy and Grateful ©Mary Zahner

Peony by Laura Weiner. (Sadly I was not able to take a photo of the full piece.) Laura accomplished this artwork by drawing, painting the fabric surface, and free motion threadpainting. I love it!

Peony ©Laura Weiner
Peony ©Laura Weiner

The Chemist by Karen Lambdin.  Karen says “I was inspired to make this quilt after my daughter took a selfie in the lab a week before receiving her bachelor’s degree in chemistry.” It was created using sheers and fusibles, raw edge fused appliqué, and domestic machine quilting. On the back? Fabric featuring a periodic table of the elements. Well done Karen.

The Chemist ©Karen Lambdin
The Chemist ©Karen Lambdin

Like a Greek Goddess by Sonia Bardella.  Sonia and her daughter, Beatrice, went to the German Pavilion of the International Exhibition of 1929 in Barcelona. The quilt is based on a photo Sonia took of Beatrice near the pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe. I love so much about this piece including Beatrice’s playful pose and Sonia’s ability to capture the moment in both the photograph and her wonderful quilt.

Like a Greek Goddess ©Sonia Bardella
Like a Greek Goddess ©Sonia Bardella

This next quilt was in the Neon Challenge. The Abyss, by Betty Busby, is remarkable. It includes stenciled fish, battery operated rice lights stitched underneath the silk, hand-beading, couched neon cording, and glow-in-the-dark paint. Due to the number of folks looking at the exhibit it was difficult to photograph the whole piece, so I zeroed in on this particular fish face. Betty always knows how to create the “wow” factor.

The Abyss ©Betty Busby
The Abyss ©Betty Busby. Look at the reflective quality of the eye and the stitching used to attach it to the quilt.

With so many quilts in both the judged show and numerous special exhibits, the Houston International Quilt Festival is truly a feast! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of it.

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