Stitching Landscape Quilts

Landscape quilts seem to have a nearly universal draw. It’s fascinating to see how many different ways quilters interpret them in fabric! So it’s not very surprising that multiple readers have told us that they would like to know how to machine quilt landscape quilts.

MQU Senior Editor Kit Robinson to the rescue! Though we seldom get to see her quilts in the magazine, Kit is a very accomplished quilter and has won a number of accolades for her beautiful work. In fact, she and I met online over 14 years ago as a direct result of my admiration of her award winning quilts. Over the years the style in which she works has changed, but her interest in landscape quilts has never waned.

I’m so pleased that she’s writing a series of articles that cover this interesting topic. She began her series in our November/December 2016 issue with Stitching the Sky. Here’s a peek at some of the quilts she discusses as examples of the creative ways that quilters have devised to stitch skies.

Here’s a gorgeous sunset scene by Kit:

Sunset in Late Autumn ©Kit Robinson

And a lovely summer landscape that she recently made.

4th of July – Terry Lake ©Kit Robinson

This beautiful piece by Sally Gould Wright features a gradated sky.

Swan Song ©Sally Gould Wright

Finally, I *love* the quilted clouds in this piece by Jenny Bowker.

Detail Water Mountain ©Jenny Bowker photo credit David Paterson

See more beautiful quilted skies in our November/December 2016 issue, and stay tuned for additional landscape elements in Kit’s series on quilted landscapes.

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