What’s Your Procedure?

Howdy! Stopping by briefly this evening to talk about something that sounds pretty dry, but I think it will make your quilting easier.

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Many Americans, myself included, have been scurrying around today, cooking and cleaning, getting ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a little different from other holidays in that lots of folks have many of the same foods every year. I think we all have our own “traditional” Thanksgiving menus that typically feature some of the same favorites – favorites that maybe we don’t make very often the rest of the year. A few years ago I wised up. Instead of dragging out five different cookbooks and making a new grocery list every year, I printed out our own traditional family recipes as well as a basic Thanksgiving grocery list. I put them in plastic sleeves and keep them together in a folder. That way, every year I can save some time and get right to the task at hand. This has really helped to reduce my stress level when Thanksgiving is at my house!

leaf-garland-small ©Diane Rusin Doran for Machine Quilting Unlimited

So what does this have to do with quilting? Some of you are amazingly prolific and have no doubt memorized many quilting tasks, from how to cut a wide variety of triangles and parallelograms from strips, to speed piecing flying geese blocks or cutting your binding just the way you like it. For those of us who don’t have these memorized, why not create “cheat sheets” for these tasks? Print out your favorite way to do any of these things, or photocopy them if they’re in a book or magazine, then make a binder of all the best “procedures” you use to create quilts in your preferred style or styles. Think about even tacking them to a bulletin board above your cutting table or work space. It’s just one way to get right to work, or play, and spend time on the parts of quilting that you love!

I’m so blessed in many ways, but I’m particularly thankful for the all wonderful people I’ve met through quilting. Wishing you and yours a safe and very, very Happy Thanksgiving!

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