Combining Stitch Patterns

Earlier this week we talked about combining hand and machine quilting in the same piece. Today we’re discussing a different type of combination, combining stitch patterns.

Our latest issue of MQU, January/February 2017, will be heading to our subscribers in just a few days. One of the articles that particularly caught my attention is by Cindy Grisdela. It’s easy to fall into the routine of filling a background area with just one stitch pattern or motif. Cindy, however, demonstrates how to artfully combines multiple patterns to create a look that is thoughtfully planned and yet fresh.

Nautilus ©Cindy Grisdela

As Cindy says, “Combining different stitch motifs makes quilting a lot more fun, and it gives more interesting dimension to the finished piece.”

These beautiful detail shots of her works in progress demonstrate how well a variety of stitches can play off of each other.

Aurora (in progress) ©Cindy Grisdela


Cimarron (in progress) ©Cindy Grisdela
Second Chances (in progress) ©Cindy Grisdela

Check out Cindy’s article, Combining Stitch Patterns, to learn more about Cindy’s tips and techniques for creative quilting.

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