Making Your Mark

Most quilters seem to choose to quilt their work just one way – either by hand or machine. Recently, though, I’ve noticed more and more quilters, particularly art quilters, combine both techniques in the same piece. Our September/October 2016 cover girl, Jill Kerttula, combines hand and machine quilting beautifully as she makes her mark with her art.

The contrast between the consistency of machine work with the longer, unique hand stitches adds texture and personality. As Jill says, her stitching adds movement, color, contrast, depth, and detail. Let’s look at some of Jill’s lovely designs and the stitches she so carefully creates.

In Virginia Beach the combination of machine and hand stitching emulates the ebb and flow of the tide. She also incorporated beading and hand embroidery.

Virginia Beach ©Jill Kerttula
Detail, Virginia Beach ©Jill Kerttula

I love the organic feel of Moss in the Mist. The combination of techniques makes you feel as if you’re deep in the forest.

Moss in the Mist ©Jill Kerttula
Detail, Moss in the Mist ©Jill Kerttula

Jill’s self portrait, Voices in My Head, illustrates the power of contrasting stitch techniques. Her hair looks remarkably three dimensional!

Voices in My Head ©Jill Kerttula
Detail, Voices in My Head ©Jill Kerttula for more

Have I piqued your interest? You can see more of Jill’s work and learn about her process in our September/October 2016 issue. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of her work, as well as how other quilters are combining stitches in their work.

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