Anniversary Contest, Part II

More fun and festive quilts from our 10th Anniversary Challenge! Thanks so much to all the entrants, we appreciate your creativity, hard work and artistry.

And Ten Stood Out ©Michelle Weatherson
Big 10 ©Jenny Beasley
Cat Play ©Leslie Carmichael
Celebrate! ©Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
Celebration Time ©Jenny Beasley
Happy Birthday ©Suzanne Miller
Let’s Go ‘Round Again ©Bonnie Jerpbak Hillger
Make a Wish ©Zsofia Molgaard
Rejoicing Over Spilled Milk ©Ginny McVickar
Sew a Needle Pulling Thread ©Sandy Oak
Strike ©Leslie Carmichael
Surf Talk ©Phyllis K. Campbell
Ten by Any Other Name ©Karen Oliver
Tenants ©Patricia Curtis
Up, Up and Away ©Dawn Labelle
Ten ©Suzy Webster
Quilt Anatomy 101 ©Cathy Perlmutter

Be sure to check back next week for our final group of entries.

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