Happy Anniversary!

Woohoo! We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary year here at MQU. In August 2016 we challenged quilters to make 10″x 10″ quilts of any style to help us celebrate. Each artwork was required to reference the number 10 in some way, have three layers, and the edges needed to be finished.

We were blown away by the amazing response we received! The ten winners are featured in our January/February 2017 issue. There were so many other remarkable entries that we just had to share them here with you. I’ll be parceling them out over several blog posts, so be sure to check back later this month to see even more. So, in no particular order, here are 16 of the lovely entries we received:

To Be Con’ten’ued ©Carolyn Hughey
10 Feather Plumes ©Charmaine Erickson
10th Anniversary Quilt ©Carolina Asmussen
Bytes of 10 ©Albert Feldman
Confetti Extravaganza ©Wendy Blanton
Invasion of the 10 Patch ©Karen Altenhofen
News at 10 with Rex Tangle ©Karen Altenhofen
10 Patch Jail ©Karen Altenhofen
Passion Flower ©Sharon Kennedy
Just Orangeing aRound ©Beth Schillig
Reflections of One ©Michele B. Lea
Ten Bright Years ©Jackie Belton
Ten Geese at Twilight ©Kathleen Plumley
There are (ten) Holes in my Quilt ©Karen Myrick
Modern Tetraktys ©Kelly Feltault
Rainbow Denus ©Lori Miller

So much creativity! Thanks to all of our participants, and stay tuned for more great entries.

Happy New Year!

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