Consider Curves

The graphic quality of pieced blocks is often the initial draw for new quilters. The piecing lines are ideal starting points for adding quilting, whether it’s in the ditch or echoing the angles created by the geometry of the piece.

If you’re ready to branch out a little, or just change things up, consider adding some curves to your quilting. Gentle curves are easy to quilt, whether freehand or with the feed dogs up. Here are some very simple examples on a “strippy” quilt. Notice how adding a few curves makes the design much more dynamic.

Curved quilting can give the illusion of more complex piecing, while also softening things up a little. I think it’s especially appealing on baby quilts.

I created three easy to piece quilt designs in EQ and and overlaid the same three quilting designs on each of them for comparison. I like that in each case the curved designs add more complexity to the overall look of the quilt without a lot of extra work. Of course, if you like the straight lines better, go for it!

Another benefit is that our eyes quickly notice discrepancies in lines that “should” be straight. Adding some curves gives you a little more wiggle room.

Next time you’re ready to quilt, think about throwing in a few curves and see what you think of the results.

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