Stitching Ground Foliage

Kit Robinson continues her popular series on landscape quilts in our March/April 2017 issue. It features a variety of lovely quilts including REGENERATION – Halls Gap (Australia) by Linden Lancaster, shown below.

Halls Gap (Australia) ©Linden Lancaster from MQU March/April 2017
REGENERATION – Halls Gap (Australia) ©Linden Lancaster from MQU March/April 2017

Kit found herself in the enviable position of having more quilts to share than would fit in the article, so she wrote a WebExtra! which can be found here. Every issue of MQU includes links to several WebExtras! that provide extra information relating articles within that issue.  The Stitching Ground Foliage WebExtra! includes quilts like these two beauties, Mid Summer’s Day Dream by Melody Randol, and Spring Runoff by Leslie Rego.

Mid Summer's Day Dream ©Melody Randol
Mid Summer’s Day Dream ©Melody Randol
Spring Runoff ©Leslie Rego
Spring Runoff ©Leslie Rego

We hope you enjoy our our latest issue of MQU as well as our WebExtras! articles!

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