Neat Faced Corners for Your Quilt

Even after making many quilts, there are still times that my finished corners don’t end up being as neat as I like. And nobody wants “dog eared” corners, do they?

On Friday I was facing a quilt, and realized that maybe a little trick I learned long ago about making collars might work for my faced quilt edge as well. And it did! A little background: I cut my facings 3″ wide, then pressed under 1/2″ on a long edge of each.

Here I’ve marked a 1/2″ and 1″ lines on the edge of a manila folder. The fold provides a sturdy edge to turn and press my facing accurately.

I sewed the top and bottom facings on first, sewing around each corner using a 1/2″ seam. The side facings were then added, but I cut them 2 inches shorter than the entire length and centered them, meaning that they each end 1″ shy of every corner. Not having this extra layer of facing in the corner cuts down on bulk in the end as explained in the video below. I also edge stitch each facing as much as possible to help the sides turn neatly.


Here’s a quick video that shows how to trim the corner and turn it for a nice, neat finish.

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  1. This “trick” is from the commercial side of garment construction and a very successful method I’ve been using for years! Thanks so much for the great vid demo, as it may be applied to quilting!!!!!!

  2. My corners will be neater for this information- trimming the way you have explained. Thankyou

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