Featured Artist Kit Vincent

Over the years we’ve seen many fresh and innovative approaches to creating quilts. However our September/October 2017 featured artist, Kit Vincent, has raised the bar.

Nightshift ©Kit Vincent

Kit has developed a technique whereby she designs her quilt on the fly and constructs them in a truly unique manner.

A view of Kit Vincent’s cutting table and design wall showing a quilt in process. Look at all of those strips!!

She says “Pinning and sewing these strips is the slowest part of my process but is not unlike applying daubs of paint or collaging shapes to a colored surface.”

Detail from Chaos, the Butterfly Effect ©Kit Vincent
Detail from Chaos, the Butterfly Effect ©Kit Vincent















Kit’s mastery of color, combined with the impressionistic effect created by the layers of strips, produces mesmerizing results. Further information about Kit and her work, as well as techniques for heirloom bindings, curved quilting designs, and so much more, can all be found in our latest issue of MQU.

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