My Heart is in Texas

I’m in Maryland, but my heart has been in Texas (and now Louisiana) for the past several days. I lived in the Houston area from 1985-1994. While living there I worked hard, played hard, had struggles and successes, met my BFF (who still lives there) and also my husband. And I also learned to quilt there. As many years as possible I’ve joined the migration to the Houston Quilt Festival at the end of October. So my heart breaks when I see the devastation faced by folks in a wide swath of Texas. I know quite a few of those folks, both those I worked with way back when, as well as many quilters I’ve met in the interim. And now I’m concerned for our relatives and friends in Louisiana (my husband hails from Lake Charles).

As a quilter, and a mom, and an American, I’d like to wrap all those folks in a big hug. And, of course, quilters do that by making quilts.

Making a quilt is an act of love. It can also soothe the soul of the maker. So I say, go ahead and make a quilt if you want to or need to. But don’t try to send it to Texas. The fine folks there absolutely need assistance, but now is the time for sending money, in any amount, to help with rescue and immediate recovery. The internet is full of links to worthy and reputable organizations. Find one you trust and, if you are able, donate a little bit or a lot. Food banks are always a good option, and with so many evacuees there are a variety of cities that need help.

Delectable Mountain Garden - Illinois Quilters Inc. © 2012 Barbara E. Lies
From our January/February 2014 issue of MQU: Delectable Mountain Garden – Illinois Quilters Inc. © 2012 Barbara E. Lies. A raffle quilt is another option; the proceeds could be used to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey


Go ahead and make a quilt. Then either save the quilt, and send it later, when things are more stable and organized. Or, find a local charity, like Project Linus, or a hospital, or a veteran’s organization, and share the love you’ve put into your quilt with them. We can all make a difference, let’s help these folks out.

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