(Header Image: Detail from Spring Runoff ©Leslie Rego, from the Landscape Quilts: Stitching Ground Foliage WebExtras!)

Regular readers of MQU have no doubt noticed this little icon



sprinkled throughout the magazine. It stands for our WebExtras! What are WebExtras!? Sometimes we have so much great content that it won’t all fit in the magazine. For instance, Kit Robinson has been writing a popular series of articles on different types of landscape quilts. She often finds so many wonderful examples that if she included them all, her articles would end up being too long for the allotted space. WebExtras! to the rescue!

In the July/August 2017 issue of MQU Kit’s article was about flowers. Kit was delighted to be able to share even more content in the WebExtras! section of our website. Here’s an example of one of the lovely quilts she posted:

A Midsummer’s Daydream ©Natalia Manley

Kit has written a WebExtras! post for many of her landscape articles, and there’s lots of other great content there as well. So grab a tasty beverage, head on over to the WebExtras!, and enjoy.


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