Studio Visit – Dominie Nash

One of the many benefits of belonging to a small quilt group is getting to see where other artists work. The critique group I belong to met this week at the studio of accomplished artist Dominie Nash. She creates her art in a large, beautifully lit space that is part of the DC Arts Studios. Please join me on a tour of her studio!

The entrance to the DC Arts Studios has a gallery area with the work rotating amongst the members
Dominie has plenty of shelves for storage and a enviably large work table.
You can get a better feel for how large the table is from this angle, plus a glimpse at the beautiful natural light.
Dominie’s studio is filled with inspiration, including this collection of art and vessels on the window sill. I love that strand of pompoms too!
Look at this wonderful poster featuring Dominie’s work from the 2005 Layers of Meaning exhibit
Here’s a beautiful example of some surface design using resist.
Another area chock full of inspiration. Why not look at delightful things while you’re ironing?
Dominie shared some lovely work in progress, but I didn’t manage to take a photo of it. Part of her work featured appliquéd organza. Dominie shared that this thread works great for finishing the edge of organza with a fine zigzag or other decorative stitch. The thread was so fine that it was only apparent upon very close inspection of the work.
And here’s the most inspirational aspect of the whole visit, my fellow group members! A number of members couldn’t attend this week, and Karen Schulz left early, but here are the smiling faces of Dominie Nash, Cathy Kleeman, and Ann Graham. Thank you so much ladies for your encouragement and support! Dominie’s large design wall is behind my friends.

I’ve focused on Dominie’s studio here, but have not included many photos of her actual work. Please visit her webpage to see the amazing scope of her wonderful art. Thank you so much for hosting us Dominie!

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