Remembering Nancy Zieman

Here at Meander Publishing, we were devastated to learn of the passing of Nancy Zieman, founder of Nancy’s Notions and longtime host of Sewing With Nancy on public television.  Nancy inspired millions of people to take up sewing and quilting as a hobby or profession.

Owner and Founder of Meander Publishing Vicki Anderson had a few remembrances of Nancy to share.  Vicki first met Nancy at a sewing machine trade show in 1998, where Vicki had to set up and run the booth she was in on her own for the first time.  Across the aisle from Vicki was Nancy, who gave Vicki some advice on running the booth on her own. “She simply guided me with how to interact with customers, and not let on that I was nervous or scared,” Vicki said. “And I remember her saying ‘If you respond with kindness, so will they.'”

As Vicki got to know Nancy throughout the years in the industry, she recalled an unflappable entrepreneur. “No matter what came at her, she turned it into a positive. And she could spot a trend a mile away,” Vicki remembers.  “She was the most gracious lady I have ever met.  If you look up the word gracious in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Nancy. She’s right there.”

All of us from Machine Quilting Unlimited, and our sister publication Modern Quilts Unlimited, would like to pass our condolences on to Nancy Zieman’s family, friends, and fans.  For those who would like to honor Nancy, information on memorials are available on Nancy’s blog.  Nancy’s Notions put together this wonderful tribute video to share moments of Nancy’s life that we want to share with you.

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