DIY Hack for a Custom Sewing Table

Contributor Cindy Seitz-Krug gives some amazing machine set up tips in the November/December 2017 Issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  The article, “Machine Quilting Basics for Domestic Machines”, is full of photos showing various set ups for domestic machines by altering the table surfaces.  Our blogger, Cheryl, gave one of these a try.

Cheryl typically sews on one machine that has a custom built cabinet, but wanted a surface for her backup machine.  She found a folding table designed for a computer with a “drop down” area for the keyboard.   The idea that the keyboard drop down area is where the machine will set into.

This table is similar to the table Cheryl found at an office supply store.

The length of the drop down on the table Cheryl found was great for her machine. However, the distance from the keyboard drop down and the table surface was shorter than the bed of the machine, so the machine was too tall for this area to work as Cindy suggests in her article.  This meant Cheryl had to get creative, and after seeing the tips in the article, she got to work.

She removed the keyboard area entirely and found some pieces of wood and MDF board that were the right height.  With Dad’s help, she cut the pieces out and reattached them to the keyboard area to make the drop down deeper. Now the machine fits snug into the keyboard drop down and the table surface is even with the bed of the machine.

Have you ever had to use a “hack” to make a sewing table work?  We’d love to see it!  Share your table “hack” for your machine set up in the post about this article over on our Facebook Page.  Plus, be sure to pick up a copy of the November/December 2017 issue to read the rest of Cindy’s article on basics for machine quilting success with your domestic machine!

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