Machine Motif of the Month – Icicles

It’s winter time, which is a wonderful time to quilt.  Since the temperature is dropping, it’s a good time to practice making icicles for your next quilt!

I started off by making an area where I will be sewing my motif, but you can do this inside of a block if you like.   I’m sewing this on my domestic machine, with my stitch regulator attached, and a 50 wt cotton thread in the top and bottom.

My fabric is quality quilting cotton and my batting is a scrap leftover from another project that I believe is an 80/20 cotton/poly blend.





This is an example of the motif you will be making.  Note that you will be backtracking over your stitches.  Don’t worry if you don’t go over them exactly.  That is why we are practicing!








I want to start my motif about an inch or so away from my first one.  You’ll see why later.









You will want to backtrack a very small amount, about a quarter inch.  This will allow you to make the angled lines for the snowflake at the end of your icicle.








Start your angled line to the upper right, about a quarter inch away from the icicle, and then towards the bottom left a quarter inch.  Stop when you are backtracked in the center on the icicle to start the other arm of the snowflake.








Complete the second snowflake arm like you did the other except in the opposite direction, and stop on the center icicle so that you may travel back up the icicle.  Then you may move over again to create another until you have filled the block.   You can vary the heights of your icicles for a varied look, or keep them all symmetrical.

If you like, you may stop here, or you can fill the block with more icicles from the bottom.




To fill in the block, travel around to the bottom, and form your bottom layer of icicles in between your top layer.









Voila! You are now finished and have a wintry machine motif you can add to your next holiday quilt.  Come back next month when we try another Machine Motif of the Month!

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