Reader Resource – Lickity Grip

In the November/December 2017 Issue, Melinda Bula’s article on “Renegade Thread Play” includes a photo and brief description of Lickity Grip.  Melinda describes using this product to help her have a good grip on the quilt as she works.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, here’s a little overview of what Lickity Grip does.

By rubbing Lickity Grip on your finger tips and hands, moisture is attracted to it so you get a better grip on the task you are performing.  It’s odorless, greaseless, non-staining, hypoallergenic, and acid-free, so it’s great for any of your heirloom work. It looks waxy, but will coat your hands so you can quilt, hand sew, do beadwork, and more as the formula “wets” your fingers enough to have a grip without feeling tacky.  Melinda uses it to grip her quilts during free motion quilting her quilts.

If you quilt with gloves then you know about using the rubber tips on the gloves to help you get a good grip on the fabric while you sew.  But some people don’t like to sew with the gloves or even with the rubber ends for their fingers.  If you like to have an open area and let your hands breathe, or don’t want to lose any feeling of the surface by covering your hands up,  Lickity Grip may be for you.  It’s also great for flipping through magazines, playing cards, and counting money, so you can avoid licking your fingers to get a better grip!

To see how Melinda does her Renegade Thread Play thread painting method, be sure to pick up a copy of the November/December 2017 Issue today!



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