Storage Tip – Folding fabric the same size for storage

When it comes to storing fabric, we have all sorts of bins and containers.  When our fabric comes home from the store, sometimes it’s not in the same sizes as the rest in your collection, and it can make for a messy container.  One of the easiest things you can do is to fold your fabric the same size, so you can easily see the edges of the fabric and organize it by color or value.   Here we will show you an easy folding method to get all of your fabric the same size for your bin!

1. We will start with a fat quarter size piece of fabric, usually measuring about 18 inches by 22 inches.  You don’t have to press your fabric to do this method, but very wrinkly fabric may just need a once over with an iron to take out any sharp creases.  Start with your fabric right side down, with the longest length going horizontally in front of you.




2. Take the top and bottom edges and fold them in towards the middle.  It doesn’t have to be exact, but if you want a nice uniform look, you can fold it on your cutting mat to be more precise.





3. Fold the strip in half again lengthwise top to bottom.  Now the raw edges of the fabric are enclosed inside.






4. Next, fold your fabric strip ends towards the center.  Again, this should try to aim to be about as close to center as possible for even folds.





5. Lastly, fold your strip in half again to enclose the raw edges inside the fold.






Now you are ready to put all your fabric away in nice even stacks!

You can even do this with half yard or full yard cuts!

For a half yard, fold your fabric in half lengthwise (selvage to selvage) to get to a starting piece that is 18 inches by 22 inches and then use the method above.

For a full yard, with your fabric fully open, fold cut side to cut side, then selvage to selvage to get to a fat quarter size to start with, and then fold as above.

Your bigger pieces will be thicker, and therefore easily identifiable in your collection!

One more trick:  What if you have a piece that isn’t a half or full yard? This is where working on a cutting mat helps! In this example, this piece is not a full yard or half yard anymore.  Fold your edges in until you have a piece that’s 18 x 22 inches, then fold as normal.

This is a great organization project to do in front of the television or to get your little ones to help with. Plus, you get to pet some fabric and see your collection!

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