Tablet Based Computerization Now Available From Gammill

One of the newest products for longarm machine quilters launched at Fall Quilt Market is a tablet based computerization for Gammill machines called Elevate.   The Elevate allows quilters to quickly and easily place and quilt blocks, single rows, or multiple rows for edge-to-edge quilting.   The system is available for Vision, Vision 2.0 and Gammill Plus Machines.  Gammill unveiled the new system at Quilt Market and it will be available for delivery in early 2018.

The Elevate screen

Quilters can edit patterns via the tablet with tools like reposition, resize, nudge, autofit, rotate, delete, flip, repeat patterns, increase/decrease repeats. It also offers thread break tracking, zoom, variable speed control, integrated pattern management, and a resettable clock and stitch count. Quilters can also mark boundaries making it simple to stitch in the ditch. And, quilters can use Gammill’s CreativeStudio 7.0 software in stand-alone mode on a computer to edit patterns to upload to the Elevate tablet.  Switching to and from hand-guided mode can be done in seconds. A quilter can switch to hand-guided while in the middle of a project and then resume computerized quilting.

The Elevate in action at Quilt Market.

“Within two hours of beginning practice on the computerized machine, I felt confident enough to pin on a whole cloth quilt and go for it! With just a few taps on the tablet, I was able to repeat the design placement just where I wanted it and begin quilting,” said Lisa Schiffleger, a hand-guided quilter.

“I think anyone can learn the Elevate software in no time,” said Georgia Stull, a CreativeStudio Instructor. “It is simple, easy to use and very intuitive. The program guides you through the process step-by-step. If you have been hesitant to try computerized quilting; this is a fantastic way to jump in!”

In addition to the 500 free patterns that come with the Elevate, you can browse, search and purchase patterns from the Gammill Pattern Cloud (

Contact your local Gammill dealer to take a look at the Elevate today!


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