Oh No! My Fabric is Discontinued! Now What?

At some point in every quilter’s life, a fabric that’s been carefully squirreled away for a perfect project gets discontinued by the manufacturer.  Fabric tastes move on, or the production time to make that line is needed to make something else.  Let’s face it, fabrics get discontinued.

Susan Stewart’s Moonlight Sonata in progress

This recently happened with machine quilter favorite Radiance silk/cotton satin by Kaufman Fabrics. It’s mentioned in Susan Stewart’s Moonlight Sonata article in the November/December 2017 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  She mentions dipping into her Radiance collection for the quilt in the article.

But what if you now need just a little bit more of that fabric to make your quilt, and it’s no longer made?   Here are a couple of tips.

Start calling shops and scour your online sources.  It’s time to start calling the shops that are perhaps a bit further away than you normally drive and try every search term online to find an online store that still has some.  Even stores that you may not think may have it just may have some in their clearance bin. It doesn’t hurt to try picking up the phone and making a few calls. Ebay and Etsy are two online sources to also search for the exact fabric you need.

Post a picture of the fabric on Facebook to ask your friends. Back in the day we didn’t have Facebook to ask all of our far flung friends to check their fabric collections for a particular print. We had to take a small piece to our guild or bee and ask around.  Now, it’s easier than ever to snap a picture with your phone and put it up with exactly how much you still need. If you can, take a picture of the selvage marks so folks can look for the exact fabric.

Check out one of the many Facebook groups to ask if anyone has it.  One more online trick you can try is to join one of the many groups about quilting on Facebook to ask is anyone has any spare of the fabric you need.  Search for “find fabric” in the search bar and click on Groups and a few will pop up.  Be prepared to purchase it or at least cover postage for the fabric if someone has some.

We hope this helps you tackle your search for additional fabric to finish your project.

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