Reader Resource – Applique/Basting Glue

In the January/February 2018 issue, Katherine Jones introduces us to her “Bias Binding Techniques”.  In one of her lessons, she mentions using applique glue.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, here’s a little more about this glue.

Basting glue, as it’s normally called, has been around for quite some time.  A tiny dot of this glue acts as a basting stitch or pin, essentially basting your project for you.  It is great for holding applique shapes to your backgrounds while you work.  It’s also great for very tiny applique pieces where a pin would get in the way.

This glue is 100% water soluable, and doesn’t get stiff when using it.  It washes out of your project.  It’s a good idea to test it on your project fabric first.  If you use too much glue, it can bleed through to the front of your fabric and look like a water mark until it is washed out.  A little dot of glue goes a long way, which is easily done using the micro tip on the bottle. 

Basting glue is not a substitute for fusible web, which would fully attach your applique to your background.  This glue is meant to be a temporary hold where a pin would be too bulky or a basting stitch would be too time consuming.   To release the glue, just get it damp until the glue lets go or wash your project in water.

Basting glue is a super handy tool in your sewing arsenal.  If you’d like to read more about how Katherine Jones uses it in her quilts, pick up a copy of the January/February 2018 issue today!

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